Four seasons – for reasons

In the unique Northern region of Kainuu, you can enjoy clean air, lakes and rivers teeming with fish and rugged landscapes of untouched hills and wilderness.

Arctic Lakeland Kainuu, is the nature-lover’s paradise, a never-ending source of outdoor activities and a favourite family ski resort with guaranteed snow. Its hospitality will warm your heart in all seasons.

In Kainuu, you can experience the wild North and see the northern lights, enjoy premium services, and yet be enchanted by the quiet peace of nature.

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Finland’s biggest canyon lake @ Hossa


kainuu travel summer hossa national park finland

Over 100 years old forest in evening light @ Wild Taiga


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Pure nature, ruggedly imposing landscapes and crystal-clear water. Kainuu is a unique summer paradise for hikers and nature-lovers. Its peace and calm invites you to slow down and open yourself to new experiences. And even in the wilds of Kainuu, you are never far from premium services.

Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival


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Kainuu is permeated by the authentic culture of the North. Its roots lie deep in tradition, pure nature and a love of our own, unique Northern home.
Come, feel it and fall in love!

Cable Wakeboard Center @ Ukkohalla


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Swamp soccer world championships @ Hyrynsalmi


swamp soccer world championship
Vuokatti watersports center


Everything you need for an active holiday. Kainuu offers diverse opportunities for sports and activities, with skiing and snowboarding available all year. Well-maintained indoor arenas and the variable terrain of the hills provide great settings for exercise. Many fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes prefer to train in Kainuu.

Snow covered trees @ Vuokatti


Arctic Lakeland winter
Northern lights in Kainuu
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Snow shining with the glorious Northern spring sun. Perfect quiet and a pair of slick skis. Peace, fresh air and room to breathe. Experience the authentic Northern winter at its most beautiful – in the wild, surrounded by the ageless hills.

Getting here

Welcome to Kainuu

Kainuu is located in the middle of Finland. There are daily flights to Kajaani, Oulu, Kuusamo and Kuopio from Helsinki. Kajaani is at the heart of the region and allows easy access to all of Kainuu. Oulu, Kuusamo and Kuopio are all roughly two hours from Kajaani by car. If you would like to see more of the Finnish landscape, you can travel conveniently from Helsinki to Kajaani by train.

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